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MWW Group Launches Blog 360

MWW Group Launches Blog 360

MWW Group, the 11th largest public relations firm in the US, has announced Blog 360, a new specialty practice with focused expertise in blog marketing. Blog 360 will work with clients to develop proprietary blogging strategies, from creation and marketing to sponsorships and advertising, geared to increasing relevance among target audiences.

“As media channels continue to become more segmented, blogs represent a new and emerging opportunity for companies to pinpoint communications to key constituents,” said Michael W. Kempner, president and CEO of MWW Group. “Blog 360 is a component of MWW’s Marketing-360, an approach which is grounded in the belief that all communications activities must reach target audiences at every point of contact in order to impact a brand.”

Blog marketing will become a new subset of the products and services that MWW offers through its core practice areas, including corporate communications, consumer marketing, public and government affairs, healthcare, lobbying and appropriations, internal communications and cause/social marketing. The service will include a proprietary influencer measurement program, specifically designed and customized for individual clients.

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