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My Name Is Liz, and I’m a Relationship Blogger

My Name Is Liz, and I’m a Relationship Blogger

February is the month of Valentine’s Day, hearts and flowers, and . . . relationship bloggers. Who would have thought when they started typing that first blog post that they would be entering a world of relationship blogging?

Even as a little kid I was a relationship freak, but I hardly expected that writing online would get me involved with people the way it did. First I was writing a post. Then I was commenting. It became a conversation. Then came bloggy questions and open comments without real posts. Now I’m blogging on the telephone, asking folks about how they started blogging.

It all started with that first comment. I answered it. Then I answered another. Soon I was answering every comment right after it landed, asking questions to find out who these people were that were reading my blog.

One day, a blogger left me this comment, after I visited his blog.

I’m beginning to find that having a blog is akin to having a village store. You have the regulars that stop in on a regular basis to get their usual wares and to catch up on anything new. And then there’s the new person in town who stops in for a look see. The new person might get a couple of the regulars curious to the point where one asks, “Who’s that.” To which the reply is, “Don’t know, someone passing through I guess.” As for my blog, I’m glad you stopped by to have a read and for your kind response.

I thought that’s someone I want to get to know better and I did. That blogger became a friend among friends. We exchanged a whole passel of relationships. Relationship bloggers share conversations while we’re sharing links. We recognize that, business or personal, Robert Scoble and Shel Israel conveyed the essence of blogging in Naked Conversations.

The most important aspect of the blog is that it is conversational . . . The more you talk with someone the better you understand who he or she is, and you are more prone to conduct transactions with people you know well enough to trust.

There are a lot of us, relationship bloggers. We don’t have official meetings – well, actually, some of us do − but all of us meet every day on our blogs. You’ll find us in the comment box, asking questions, answering them, and half climbing out while we’re talking. We email. We Skype. We have lunch. We find reasons to do business together.

Me? I call a blogger a day on the telephone. In every call, I get a reason to make the next one. I’m learning. I’m goofing off. I’m getting inspired. I’m seeing their visions. I’m liking every minute with the bloggers I meet on the phone. It’s a part of the spirit of people connecting. It’s exactly what Katiebird said.

I didn’t realize when I started a blog, that I was joining such a strong community of people . . . You’re talking to people who are there every day. You get to know them, their thoughts, and they become dearest friends, yet you’ve never really met in person.

Relationship bloggers get to be friends. We discover each other. Then we meet and discover each other again. That is the coolest thing. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing something.

I get to talk to people I like who live all over the world. We have important thoughts, and we share them in real time on my blog. We laugh a lot. We don’t comment. We talk.

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What is cooler than that?

We have one rule – be nice. What good’s a relationship if you’re not?

My name is Liz, and I’m a relationship blogger.

So are almost all of the bloggers I know.

Liz Strauss writes about relationship blogging and calls a blogger a day from Successful-Blog.

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  • Hi Char!
    Well, and I now that I think of it, we have a relationship that’s moved past our blogs. Isn’t that the coolest thing? It’s more fun, isn’t it?

  • Liz

    I agree that blogging is all about relationships. That’s why we launched, a site dedicated to bloggers looking for different types of relationships (love, friends).. Bang on post!

  • Hi LonelyBloggers!
    What a great idea! One thing I know is we don’t have enough folks who listen to us. We really are hearing starved. So the more we can offer places where folks can meet and talk, I think, the nicer folks will start to behave toward each other. Just a theory, but it makes sense to me . . . :)

  • Liz – very nicely said. You have a neat way of explaining the things we do everyday.

    You seem to be in a real happy place with your blogging these days – cool. :-)

  • I agree with martin, thanks for bringing to light what is one the best parts of blogging. I have met (in the internet sence of the word) a couple people through my blogs that I may never have met before.

  • Hi Guy!
    I wrote a really long comment, but I put an arrow in and it WordPress decided it was code and doesn’t show what I wrote. . . . WordPress isn’t relationship oriented. Go figure that!

    Two people aren’t nearly enough. I think you need at least one more. So how about if I make you a B.A.D. (blogger a day) and arrange to give you a skype or a phone call. Then you’ll have another blogging relationship??

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