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New changes at Blogorama

New changes at Blogorama

Blog directory Blogorama have just announced some important changes that will affect fans of the site, especially those using the tracking features. This from an email from Blogorama

1. New tracking method *Important* ==================================
As most of you know, Blogarama is a bit different from most directories in that we track our listed blogs. This means that we keep track of how many people are coming and going between Blogarama and your blog. We track this traffic as we believe that it gives a fair idea of which sites are more popular and worth visiting. Also, traffic statistics do affect, to some extent, ranking in our search results.

Previously we tracked traffic via a link on your blog similar to this: (where XXXX was your SiteID)

We have now changed this to a new method of tracking that makes it more fair to those users that are listed on our site, but have either forgot to change their link to include a SiteID or just couldn’t be bothered! The new method does not require a SiteID and the link now required for tracking is simply: Blogarama

Now, there are 2 important points when using our new method:

1. The Blogarama link MUST be on the URL you are listed with. For example, if you listed your blog in our site with the URL “” then our link MUST appear somewhere on this page. If the link appears on “” instead, it cannot be tracked.

2. Our increasingly popular “Review My Site” feature links on your blogs, do not pass tracking information. So, if you want reviews as well as tracking, that’s 2 separate links!

The old method of using the SiteID will continue to work for the next 2 weeks, before we remove the clunky system altogether. Please change your links ASAP!

For more information or graphical buttons visit:

Apologies for the inconvenience to all those who have changed their link to the old format recently!

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2. Updated “Reviews System”
Since the last email I sent out, a few users have commented on the review system being restrictive due to the fact that only one person per IP (computer) could review a blog. This has now changed to allow multiple reviews from the same IP. We have changed the review system so that reviewers are sent emails for confirmation. IPs are still logged per review to further help in reducing review spam.

Also, in a move to become a more dynamic system as blogs themselves are highly dynamic, reviewers whom had previously reviewed a blog can update that review simply by submitting a new review which will overwrite the old one. Thus, reviews are always up to date (a reader may think your blog was rubbish a month ago, but now may think it’s fantastic!). Enjoy the reviews!

3. New “Remember Me” feature
When logging in to Blogarama, instead of being logged out every time you idle for 5 minutes, we now have a “Remember Me” feature. Just check the box when you log in and you can be logged in automatically the next time you visit Blogarama!

4. New statistics figures
Once logged in to Blogarama, there are some new options to view the statistics of current Blogarama activity or your own listed blog! Log in to see for yourselves!

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