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New Newsgator Launch

New Newsgator Launch

In addition to launching NewsGator 2.0 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, NewsGator Technologies announced its new NewsGator Online Services offerings to users today. NewsGator Technologies will be previewing Version 2.0 and their new Online Services at the Digital Experience media event held at the Mirage in Las Vegas tonight between 7 and 10 pm.

NewsGator Online Services is a powerful set of tools, allowing users to search for the content they want, including exclusive subscriber-only content, and read this content on any device. These services are available for anyone – not just NewsGator for Outlook users.

Subscription Synchronization

Users who subscribe to NewsGator Online Services can now synchronize their subscriptions across multiple machines. This is an industry first – NewsGator 2.0 for Outlook and NewsGator Online Services are the first commercially available tools to provide this capability in such a flexible manner. This sophisticated system ensures that subscriptions follow users wherever they go, users never have to read the same content twice (unless they choose to), and even supports multiple subscription lists so users can have separate, but overlapping, subscription lists at home and at the office.

Multiple Editions

NewsGator Online Services includes three content reader editions, allowing users to read their subscribed content any time, any place, and on any device:

— Web Edition — NewsGator Online Services provides a web-based content reader, which allows users to read content they have subscribed to from any web browser.

— POP Edition — NewsGator Online Services allows users to read their subscribed feeds in any email client. This includes Outlook Express and Eudora on Windows, Apple Mail and Entourage on the Mac, and any other email client that supports POP3.

— Mobile Edition — NewsGator Online Services allows users to read their subscribed feeds on any mobile device that supports HTML, including mobile wireless phones and PDA’s. This is a powerful feature for road warriors who use mobile devices to access information while away from home or the office.

And of course the subscription synchronization system works across all of the NewsGator Online Services reader editions, as well as NewsGator 2.0 for Outlook.

Keyword Search and Related Content feeds

NewsGator Online Services provides subscribers with the ability to search for content that matches a specific keyword or URL, and return that content in a feed. This now allows users to be immediately notified if their keyword or site is mentioned on the web or elsewhere. Sources searched for this content include weblogs, commercial news sites, SEC filings, and more. This is an extremely powerful capability, useful for anyone from PR and advertising agencies to marketing personnel to weblog authors.

Premium Content

NewsGator Online Services also provides exclusive, subscriber-only content to its subscribers. Initial media launch partners for premium content include InfoWorld and others to be announced soon. Additional content partners include Full Tilt Features (an independent comic syndicate) and Ask the Builder by Tim Carter, a nationally syndicated columnist and host of a home improvement show on radio and TV. While this technology is currently perceived to be a niche market, NewsGator Technologies is taking a leadership position by signing deals with partners that will reach a large number of consumers. By providing content which appeals to an extremely wide audience, these partners are helping to drive the syndication and personal content aggregation space to the mainstream market.

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“We are very excited to announce our Premium Content launch partners,” said Greg Reinacker, President of NewsGator Technologies. “In addition to leading technical publications, we have signed non-technical publishers as well – bringing content that appeals to thousands of consumers and business owners to our service. This is exactly the kind of thing that will drive more aggressive mainstream adoption of syndication and aggregation technology.” Moving forward, NewsGator Technologies will be aggressively adding content partners across a number of industries to this service.

NewsGator for Outlook retrieves news from news sites, weblogs, newsgroups, and other information sources that support the RSS syndication format, and automatically integrates the news items. NewsGator Online Services takes this experience to the next level, providing access to subscriptions any time, any place, on any device, and providing rich content to subscribers. RSS (Rich Site Summary) news syndication is an emerging method of staying abreast with rapidly changing information and allows users to sort, organize, group and search news in multiple ways.

NewsGator Online Services is a subscription service, and will be available on January 19, 2004 at Pricing starts at $5.95/month per user.

About NewsGator Technologies

NewsGator Technologies is a division of Reinacker & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado. The flagship product NewsGator for Outlook is a news aggregator that runs in Microsoft Outlook, which allows users to subscribe to syndicated RSS news feeds to be delivered directly into their Microsoft Outlook and Exchange server folders. NewsGator Online Services provides content aggregation tools and services, allowing users to find the content they need, and read it wherever they are. NewsGator Technologies offers solutions for both consumers and corporate clients. For more information, visit us on the web at

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