New Wi-Fi Blog Tackles Wi-Fi Interference and Other Wi-Fi Adoption Issues

Press release> Propagate Networks, Inc., whose embedded software lets Wi-Fi networks self-organize and automatically adjust to constantly changing radio frequency environments, today announced the creation of, a weblog focused on providing information and insight into the growing Wi-Fi interference problem.

As business and consumer Wi-Fi adoption increases, so does the amount of interference caused by Wi-Fi radio signals bumping into one another. When too many Wi-Fi frequencies overlap, the result is a Wi-Fi brownout and a significant decrease in Wi-Fi performance. For example, Internet downloads that normally take seconds drag on for minutes. Streaming video begins to skip and audio packets get lost in cyberspace, resulting in jittery and fragmented sound quality.

Many Wi-Fi customers are already experiencing these Wi-Fi brownouts in their homes, apartments and offices.

Will Wi-Fi interference be Wi-Fi’s Achilles heel? How can this problem be fixed? Who are the companies leading the charge? The answers to these questions and many others are discussed by Propagate Networks Co-Founders Gary Vacon, Paul Callahan and Floyd Backes in an inventive new weblog tracking this topic. Visit to learn more and be a part of the discussion.

About Propagate Networks

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Propagate Networks, Inc. (, headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, was founded in October 2002 to automate and increase the performance of 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) equipment. Based on patent-pending technology, Propagate’s technology will significantly boost the throughput and decrease the cost of 802.11 solutions by creating a distributed, self-organizing network. Propagate Networks is led by a team of seasoned network professionals and entrepreneurs and is funded by a group of private investors.

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