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One-Track Mind: Why It’s Important to Stay on a Single Topic Within Blog Posts

One-Track Mind: Why It’s Important to Stay on a Single Topic Within Blog Posts

One-Track Mind: Why It's Important to Stay on a Single Topic Within Blog Posts
No one can refute that there is an overwhelming amount of content online today, with thousands and thousands being added every hour. However, only a few of these are relevant and worthy enough to get noticed and actually accrue traffic, so it is important to make any blog posts you publish extremely pointed and focused.

Publishing content that covers several different topics at once isn’t going to engage and keep your readers’ interest. This is why it is important to have a one-track mind when it comes to blog post topic brainstorming. Single topic posts can go more in-depth and provide more information. They are also better for ranking on more specific longtail keywords from an SEO perspective.


To craft a well-written single topic post, first brainstorm the ideas or questions you’d like to write about. Sometimes controversial or opinionated posts can generate traffic greater than more neutral posts, so if you have specific ideals about a certain topic within your industry (e.g. What is considered black hat SEO practices for search optimizers) then that might be a good topic to go with. Some people also find it helpful to have a running Google Doc or Evernote document with brainstormed blog post ideas. This is extremely helpful when you are experiencing writer’s block. Make your topic as specific as possible.

Title Creation

The best titles are ones we feel compelled to click on. “Bing Link Reports: A Guide” is not as interesting as “3 Ways to Have Control Over Bing Linking Reports ” or something more catchy. People like knowing exactly what they are going to get before clicking on a blog post title or reading on. Therefore, it is worth spending time on crafting the best blog post title possible. If you aren’t sure, write down a few options and ask some colleagues via email what their favorite is.

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Serve a Purpose

Single topic blog posts should strive be a resource on that exact topic. By aiming for all your blog posts to be as helpful as possible for the reader, you are setting yourself up as a resource in that topic and industry. The more specific a post is, the better able you will be able to narrow down your advice and main points. This type of writing can be better action-oriented and inspire your readers to go out and implement your suggests or to participate in the topic conversation.

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