Photo blogging service exceeds 1 million blogs

Fotolog has welcomed its one millionth “Fotologger” today and has claimed the title of the Internet’s biggest photo-blog site.

Founded in 2002, Fotolog continues to grow with users from over 200 countries, and more than 180,000 photos posted to the service each day, attracting 750 million page views a month.

Fotolog CEO Adam Seifer, who posts photographs of every major meal he eats at “Get in My Belly“, said the company milestone is a testament to Fotolog’s members, who have helped build the community through strong word of mouth and email.

“Unlike traditional blogs where you have to come up with something interesting to write everyday, Fotolog has been embraced because it allows people to express themselves through photos in a very supportive environment,” said Seifer. “It’s a community that people want to invite their friends and family to be a part of.”

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To celebrate its one millionth member, Fotolog kicked off “Million Member/Million Moments“, a community-wide photo project lasting for one million minutes (or eleven days) where Fotolog members will be uploading photographs that depict the number 1,000,000 — either literally or figuratively. Each day, one photo will be chosen at random to be featured on Fotolog’s official Fotolog. On February 16th, two grand prize winners will receive one million minutes of Gold Member status (two years) and one million KB of digital storage for their cameras.

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