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Pubsub breaks 8 million blogs tracked

Pubsub breaks 8 million blogs tracked

Blog tracking service and Technorati competitor PubSub has just exceeded 8 million blogs tracked, placing it approximately 1.8 million blogs ahead of Technorati, according to a post at PubSub CTO and c0-founder Bob Wyman’s blog.

In the post, Wyman notes that there is still a lot of blogs to track, and makes particular note of stating that pundits and journalists quoting 10 million blogs in the blogosphere are underestimating the true figure, and believes the true figure to be between 16 million and 24 million

As per our simple experiment back in December, the true figure is in excess of 34.5 million, although this is the first serious attempt from an Executive from a blogging related company to articulate a figure higher that the running consensus, and for this he is to be congratulated.

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The relatively young PubSub has come along in leaps and bounds, and if the continued growth in the company is sustained, it could well become the tracking space of choice for those in the blogosphere within the next 12 months.

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