PubSub now tracking over 6.5 million blogs

PubSub Concepts today announced that its “matching engine” at is now tracking over 6.5 million blogs, arguably making it the most comprehensive blog monitoring service with some 2 million more blogs tracked than Technorati

PubSub’s “prospective search” matches user requests against new documents as they’re published, in real time, with alerts via RSS or through the IM based PubSub Sidebar, now available as a plug-in for the Firefox and Internet Explorer Web browsers.

PubSub also covers additional content streams including 50,000 USENET newsgroups, all SEC/EDGAR filings, press releases from major wire services and FAA airport delay alerts.

Interestingly of the 6.5 million blogs tracked by PubSub’s matching engine, over 3.5 million are active meaning that new information has recently been posted by the Weblog’€™s author.

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Bob Wyman, CTO of PubSub Concepts, Inc:”We believe that PubSub is currently tracking more active blogs than any other service…We also have an extremely active user base that relies on PubSub subscriptions to stay informed. On average, we process over two million entries each day across all our services – over 80,000 entries per hour. We expect the number of blogs to continue growing at an explosive rate and we’ve built a massively scalable system in anticipation of that growth.”

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