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Pubsub to deliver search to KnowNow’s Enterprise Syndication Solution

Pubsub to deliver search to KnowNow’s Enterprise Syndication Solution

Event-driven integration solutions company KnowNow Inc., and blog tracking firm PubSub today announced the two companies have entered into a formal partnership and reseller agreement. Under the terms of the deal, KnowNow will license PubSub’€™s prospective search subscription services for commercial use in KnowNow’€™s KnowNow 3 Enterprise Syndication Solution (ESS), giving KnowNow’€™s enterprise customers premium, controlled access to non-traditional outside sources of information and the blogosphere.

“KnowNow has always focused on creating solutions that easily connect people directly to the information they need. The addition of PubSub’€™s persistent, prospective search capabilities into KnowNow’€™s ESS fills a critical need for enterprises reliant on real-time information updates,” said Ron Rasmussen, KnowNow’s CTO.

PubSub will take advantage of KnowNow’€™s http event-driven protocol to instantly deliver results from prospective search queries to subscribers as soon as matches are made. The information is updated automatically at the desktop without the user having to refresh a page, initiate a new search or download any software. Employees go from searching for information to having it pushed directly to them.

“KnowNow and PubSub share a common interest in providing highly relevant, actionable information to people as quickly as possible,” said Richard Treadway, PubSub’s CMO. “Our agreement with KnowNow will tap the power of the blogosphere to provide zero-latency information updates to enterprises. Together, KnowNow and PubSub represent a new, unified RSS communications platform that keeps companies up-to-date with the information they need to run their business.”

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