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Seed Media to launch Science Blog network

Seed Media to launch Science Blog network

Seed Media, a company that produces science publications in print and online, is readying itself to launch a dedicated Science Blog network:

The network is currently operating in beta mode.

The network includes 15 blogs, with only one, scienceg8 owned by Seed Media and the rest being independently owned. The company is aiming to expand to 30 blogs.

The company plans to sell advertising on the network for its member bloggers.

‘€œBlogs are starting to play a pivotal role in science, both in exchanging ideas within the science community and enabling a conversation between the science community and the general community,’€? said Adam Bly, president and chief executive at Seed Media in New York.

The goal of the blog network is to offer readers and advertisers ‘€œthe largest Web-based discussion about science and the role science is playing in our culture today,’€? said Bly.

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‘€œExpanding into digital media is an important part of our business plan, whether online, podcasting or blogs,’€? Bly said. ‘€œIt’s an opportunity to surround our consumers whether at home, on the subway or at the office.’€?

(via The Financial Express)

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