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Sensory Media launches Gawker for the UAE

Sensory Media launches Gawker for the UAE

Press release> Some thought Gawker had a monopoly on salaciously delicious gossip and hot new happenings, that is until Hauteur Pill a hot little gossip Web magazine, or blog, focusing on the UAE, was launched. People looking for a hot little dish that the American media won’t dare broadcast or publish now have a place where they can find it. Hundred Acres would not have posted this “juicy little item,” says writer and publisher John Mudd, but real estate’s all about dirt and has plenty of it to scoop, he says. Find out more at Hundred Acres , another Sensory Media creation that focuses on the real estate industry.

Sensory Media is a joint creation founded by John Mudd
and Adnan Arif . The two met at the University of South Florida when both were students there. Mudd is known for writing, blogging, selling real estate, giving Congressional testimony on diabetes cure research and for his involvement in various political campaigns. Arif is known for writing, specifically blogging, and Web design. Arif has won numerous awards for his blogging and Web design efforts. Their venture differs from Nick Denton’s and Jason Calacanis’ weblog ventures, in that Mudd’s and Arif’s venture is global, while Denton and Calacanis focus on the United States. A partnership, such as the one Mudd and Arif have, could only happen in America Mudd believes, and he hopes it will help to usher democracy into the Arab world. Find out more about Sensory Media at

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