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Shiny Media launches green consumer blog

Shiny Media launches green consumer blog

UK blog network Shiny Media has launched HippyShopper, the UK’s first Green Consumer blog

The blog is being written by Stuff magazine’s Managing Editor, Adam Vaughan and aims to enlighten and amuse its readers with green news stories from the UK and links to environmentally friendly sites around the world.

Its daily updates will:
* Track the latest green gadgets
* Tip readers off about what’s coming in the organic food market
* Give details of green exhibitions
* Offer updates on eco-friendly health and beauty products
* Give tips on how to recycle products

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The site kicks off with a competition to win a shed load of green stuff including: ten Solios – solar powered iPod/mobile phone chargers – five Adopt An Animal Panda Packs from the World Wildlife fund; ten copies of Save Cash and Save The Planet; and a Collins/Friends of the Earth book stuffed full of practical tips to help you be a bit greener.

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