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Sifry says “It isn’t so”

Sifry says “It isn’t so”

After a storm of comment following allegations that blog tracking company Technorati had censored an employee blog, David Sifry has responded in a post to his blog where he detalis the issues the company had with the particular post from Niall Kennedy, and that despite the fuss the comapany still supports Kennedy 100%.

In the post he detalis the details Technorati’s side of events, and this issues relating to employees making statements on their blogs that could be construded as that of the employer.

Although it could be argued that he was a little slow to respond to the issue, the full disclosure and discussion in the post as to the issues at play only goes to once again prove the high position many in the blogosphere hold Technorati in, and once again, they’ve taught others how to handle public relations.

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We can only hope that it now all blows over for them.

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