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Six Apart Launches Integrated Moblogging Tools

Six Apart Launches Integrated Moblogging Tools

Weblogging software leader Six Apart today announced and demonstrated new features in its TypePad personal weblogging software that lets people easily add pictures, audio and text to their weblogs directly from their mobile phones or PDAs. As one of the companies chosen to demonstrate innovative new products at the esteemed DEMO conference, Six Apart launched highly integrated mobile weblogging — or “moblogging” — tools that let users easily post new content to their weblogs from their mobile devices.

“Just as wireless mobile devices let users check their email from any location, our moblogging software lets people post weblog entries, audio and photos to their existing weblogs from their mobile device, no matter where they are,” said Mena Trott, Six Apart’s CEO and co-founder. “Until now, doing so would require a complicated barrage of networking, authoring and weblogging software that would need to be configured to work together in order to moblog. With TypePad’s moblogging features, the complexity is removed and people can add content to their weblog as easily as if they were sitting at their desktop.”
Trott said the integrated moblogging service will also be available to users of Six Apart’s other weblogging product, Movable Type, which is a highly customizable server-based weblog publishing system used by many corporations, pundits and presidential candidates for their weblogs.
In addition, Six Apart also demonstrated a beta version of its client for the Handspring Treo 600, the first of several mobile clients that will be available for or integrated into a broad range of PDAs, cell phones and smart phones, making moblogging an even simpler, one-click operation. The company expects to announce mobile clients for several more mobile devices soon, all of which will allow full and easy integration between the device and moblogs
created using TypePad and Movable Type.
Six Apart’s TypePad weblogging service was chosen by DEMO executive producer Chris Shipley to power the official weblog of DEMO 2004. The more than 500 DEMO attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to the weblog, which features commentary by DEMO panelists and prime photos of the conference.
“Six Apart continues to set the standard for excellence in weblogging tools that everyone can use,” said Chris Shipley, DEMO executive producer. “In addition to the weblogging software they provide for corporations and pundits, Six Apart continually adds features to TypePad so people can use weblogging to communicate with just the people they really care about. It was an easy decision to both feature Six Apart at DEMO and use their software for the conference, because I believe their approach, philosophy and products deserve center stage in the industry.”

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