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SixApart adds Kanoodle advertising options to TypePad

SixApart adds Kanoodle advertising options to TypePad

Six Apart has announced that TypePad Pro users can now add Kanoodle’s content-targeted sponsored links to their blogs from within TypePad and then be able to view earnings reports from within the control panel of the paid and hosted blogging solution as well. The company stated that additional features, including the addition of a “TipJar” and sophisticated earnings reports, will be available later in the year.

In an interesting, and perhaps innovative mood, TypePad Pro users will be able to use the advertising on their sites as a begging tool to cover their fees: Money earned from the sponsored links in the first 90 days will automatically be applied toward TypePad subscription fees. After 90 days, any extra money will made be available for the blogger to spend via PayPal or to pay for future subscription fees.

“Today’s announcement is our first step to building a platform for our pro-level webloggers to defray the costs of maintaining their weblog,” said Barak Berkowitz, Six Apart’s chief executive officer. “Upcoming features like TipJar and our sophisticated earning and ranking reports will greatly complement TypePad Text Ads as well as give our subscribers even more ways to pay for their accounts.”

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