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SixApart LiveJournal Sabotaged?

SixApart LiveJournal Sabotaged?

The analysis of the SixApart LiveJournal (SALJ) power outage that has been posted on the SALJ site, and states that somebody “accidentally” hit an Emergency Power Off (EPO) switch, which itself was behind a covered case to prevent accidents, then replaced the protective casing, and then left the building.

How some one “accidentally” sets off a covered EPO Switch, then accidentally covers the switch, then accidentally flees from the scene was not disclosed.

We speculated at the time (we thought jokingly) that perhaps SALJ has been sabotaged by some of the lunatic fringe that frequent the service. Little did we know that our joke could actually be a reflection of the truth.

It appears that SALJ may well have been sabotaged.

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The report continues that host Internap will now be putting alarms and tamper-proof indicators on the plastic cages surrounding the EPO buttons now, though, so at least if these “accidents” happen again in the future they’ll know.

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