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Technorati sick again

Technorati sick again

Blog tracking site Technorati is sick again (at the time of writing), according to tests undertaken this morning by the Blog Herald. Tests on links to TypePad, Bloglines, Scripting News, Blogger and The Blog Herald show no new incoming links for the last 24 hours and possibly longer, with most test sites only showing a handful of incoming links from 1 day ago. The service difficulties follow other recent issues with Technorati as it has continued to grow at record levels. The company maintains its strong following in the blogosphere due to its strong customer service and charismatic leader David Sifry, who has always be quick to respond to previous issues in an open, transparent and honest manner.

Update: some 6 hours later and some action at Technorati, although there seems to be a back log of income links with the test sites no reporting links in 12 hours out, but nothing newer

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