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Terra Lycos upgrades blog service

Terra Lycos upgrades blog service

Terra Lycos, the global Internet Group, today added new premium features for advanced bloggers to its award-winning Tripod Blog Builder(TM) tool. The advanced customization features give premium Tripod members complete control over the appearance of their blogs. In addition to being able to choose colors and fonts, premium members can now create their own blog layouts, or make a Tripod Blog fit into any pre-existing Web site design.

Located at the redesign of the Tripod Blog Builder tools includes a new control panel user interface for both free and premium members, featuring easy-to-use colorful icons to help better organize and navigate the blog. Additionally, new “list by topic” features are now available for premium users allowing bloggers to post entries under specific topics like sports, family and politics, and letting readers search by topic.

Lycos Tripod has also added simpler customization features for premium users including signature and timestamp displays and will be adding new step- by-step blogging tutorials in the coming weeks.

A current tutorial located at is also now available to help guide members through the new advanced blog customization features.

“Blogs are a great way for people to express themselves, and to enhance the blogging experience, these new advanced features let our Tripod members who use Blog Builder create their own templates to match their personal or company Web sites,” said Jamie Riehle, global product manager of Web Publishing for Terra Lycos. “The new features also allow us to now package and sell custom blog solutions to various companies like movie studios, for example, or any online business.”

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Blogs, short for Web logs, are online diaries or journals, letting users post opinions, likes and dislikes, reaching and connecting millions of people instantly. Blogs are easy to update, allowing users to create up-to-the- minute opinions on any topic, sharing experiences with others who are important to them. Lycos Tripod Blog Builder technology is the next evolution in publishing tools, making it even easier to organize and post content online without complex software commands.

Lycos Tripod Blog Builder received the Editor’s Choice Award in the September 2003 issue of PC Magazine in recognition of its easy-to-use features for first-time bloggers. Tripod, part of the Lycos Network, has been a leader in Web publishing since 1994, providing consumers with everything they need to create an online journal or Web site. With the new premium features for advanced bloggers, Lycos gives consumers the most value in online publishing. Lycos Tripod subscription packages range from $4.95 to $19.95 per month.

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