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TextDrive sold to Joyent

TextDrive sold to Joyent

TextDrive, the hosting company that originally started out as an off-shot from the developers of the TextPattern blogware, has been sold to Joynet.

“Joyent’s innovative, network-based collaboration software combined with TextDrive’s proven expertise in building high performance hosted solutions, creates a company delivering compelling network-based applications over a 100% reliable and scalable infrastructure,” said David Young, CEO of Joyent.

“Joyent’s combined software and hosting capabilities now deliver a complete network-based application and infrastructure platform to our ISP, VAR, developer, and end-user customers.”

“We are thrilled with this strategic combination, a perfect fit that forges a company with the talent to deliver our customers elegant and powerful network-based applications,” said Dean Allen, former CEO of TextDrive and now President and Director of Joyent Europe. “We look forward to dazzling Joyent customers with TextDrive’s unparalleled hosting services.”

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Jack of all Blogs reports however that all is not well with the acquisition, and links to Jeff Blaine who suggests that the service is dodgy and their now former CEO is not particular strong on customer service.

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