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Thank Your First Commenter Day

Thank Your First Commenter Day

Neil Kramer has a great idea for Thanksgiving Day: Thank Your First Commenter Day.

Writes Neil

How can we thank our fellow BLOGGERS?
We read each other, we help each other with our designs and templates, and we cry on each other’€™s shoulder when a “blog crush” goes sour.On Thanskgiving, we should THANK our fellow bloggers. When I first started blogging, I was like a Pilgrim who just landed on Plymouth Rock. I was isolated and alone. For weeks, I wrote this blog without any direction or confidence in my ability. And then he appeared ‘€” like the Native American with his corn ‘€” my first commenter!

Sometimes its the little things that count, so thanks to “harryp”, site unknown, who wrote back on 26 April 2003 who left a comment about some of the early attempts at discredited blogs by the mainstream media: “A synical attempt by the media in quantifying something they dont understand”. So much has changed, and then at other times it hasn’t at all :-)

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