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The Best of Weblog Empire: week ending 18 September 2005

The Best of Weblog Empire: week ending 18 September 2005

Its been a while since our last best of post, but with some really, really big changes on the way what better time to celebrate some of the excellent content from across the network.

The Gadget Blog: Alternative Uses for an Apple Nano takes a different spin on the new offering from Apple, Korean Portable Video players get a look in, as does the Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Laser and a Nutritionist Robot called Papero.

On Donklephant: A Prairie Home Prosecution, ‘€œUnder God’€? Overruled, Foreign Aid, Help Wanted and Human Nature Rears Its Natural Head

The Windows Vista Weblog: John asks the important question: Will Windows Vista be good for Probloggers? and the great news that Minesweeper is back in Vista, and provides some great PDC coverage as well with Can’€™t wait for Microsoft PDC? and sleeping issues with Vista and a good night’€™s sleep

The Blog Herald also asks some serious questions, like what the Wiggles has to do with blogging, and covers the important news of the week with a review of Google’s new blog search, news of Ask Jeeves doing blog search in Japan and rounds it off with a free guide to free content!

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PVRSpot takes a look at the new offering from Pace: the DVB-HP PDH400 mobile PVR, the latest release from GBPVR and a screen shot from Windows Vista MCE.

The Mortgage Refinancing Blog keeps up its recent run of advice columns with The Basics of Home Loans – Interest Rates, Closing Costs, Points and a Guide to Finding Cheap Loans, and covers Katrina with How A New Millennium Home Loan Benefits A Homeowner In a Katrina Like Disaster

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