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The next goldmine is in mobile advertising

The next goldmine is in mobile advertising

The next frontier in advertising will be delivered thru your mobile phones, a story from the Herald Tribune reports on a recent study about the growth of mobile internet.

Last week in London, the Online Publishers Association released a study showing that use of the mobile Internet is on the rise, along with acceptance of mobile advertising.

The survey, conducted by TNS Media and Entertainment in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, found that 76 percent of cellphone owners in those countries now have access to the Web from mobile devices. The researchers, who polled about 1,000 people in each country, found that more than a third of those with mobile Web access used such services. The Web-using population ranged from 34 percent in France to 54 percent in Britain.

Search giants like Google and Yahoo! have already moved into mobile search so the the barrier to entry for delivering mobile ads will be fairly easy.

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Just recently a firm has developed a way to send multimedia ads to mobile phones. Called “Push IT”, developed by Global Mobile Technologies (GMTech), the technology makes use of an application installed on a GPRS-enabled mobile phone and an application programming interface or API that can be deployed on websites that are accessed by mobile devices.

We could also be seeing Google pushing Adsense for mobile sites too.

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