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The strange saga of Prince Campbell

The strange saga of Prince Campbell

I’m not entirely sure of the whole story here – but a recent post by Loren Feldman over at 1938 Media has raised my interest a bit:

It has now become public knowledge that Prince Campbell has gone missing. I was hoping to keep this a private matter between him and his family, but due to circumstances concerning additional parties I must now comment.

As many people know Prince and I were friends, this is no longer the case.

Prince came onto the scene earlier this year with a great blog located at or just Chartruese for short. He wrote some great witty content and generally had some pretty good thoughts about the direction of blog networks, blogging, and new media in general.

My first major difference of opinion with Prince was over the issue of copyright and ownership of content. Suffice to say I said what I wanted to say in this post at The Blog Herald.

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Chartruese and his partner Howard Lindzon purchased a stake in our competitor The Blogging Times and some other sites. They’ve also launched Wall Strip – though I’m not quite sure of the ownership stakes and management structure.. nor is it really any of my business.

Chartreuse then did what I thought was a crazy thing. He took a great blog in Chartreuse and killed it. He then launched a subscription-only site called Chartruese2 which lasted about ten days – and then this has morphed into American Black – which is a strange blog in and of itself.

I don’t know what has transpired between Loren and Prince – nor do I care. I am a bit worried though that Prince, who has had some recent health problems, has disappeared. I do hope that is is alright – and then once he’s back, I’ll have more to say on this long, strange, saga that is Chartreuse.

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