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Timeless Advice eBook Needs a Designer

Timeless Advice eBook Needs a Designer

Independent Blogger Book Quest

As you know SplashPress and The Blog Herald are running the Independent Blogger Book Quest in which I’m reviewing a book about blogging, business, or the work of online professionals. Read this post for guidelines to submit your book for review.

Title and link: Pursue the Passion: Timeless Advice for the Aspiring Individual pdf
Blogger/Author: Brett Farmiloe

When you read the marvelous quotes the team of Pursue the Passion gathered on their trip across the US last summer you’ll understand why it’s worth taking the time to download this little gem. Brett Farmiloe did a beautiful job of choosing and editing them.

Brett chose to organize the quotes into these ideas.

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The eBook above is the record of what one man and two friends found when they traveled the US for 90 days to Pursue their Passion — to interview people who are passionate about their jobs. The eBook is filled with the stuff that bloggers reach for to get inspiration. But Brett’s no designer, and he fully admits that the little book could use some help there. Does a design whiz have an hour or so to offer some great quotes a good look to help out?

See the Interview with Brett Farmiloe, Pursue the Passion 2007 Hit the Road July1.

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