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True Awareness for Domestic Violence Month at the DesertLight Journal

True Awareness for Domestic Violence Month at the DesertLight Journal

Trudy W Schuett> If bloggers and new media can take down CBS, there isn’t any reason why we can’t make a dent in domestic violence services that serve no one, and exist primarily to promote divorce and misandry.

Since March, the DesertLight Journal blog has been posting in serial form Friends to the End, the first-ever novel on domestic violence with a male victim. The book now appears in its entirety. It will stay up at the blog until October 1st, when it will be removed from the site.

The book will be replaced with a new campaign to promote full awareness of the issue of domestic violence. This campaign will be the simplest, and possibly the most effective so far. The way it will work is this: I’m asking everyone to track their local media and keep an eye out for stories on DV shelters and services that promote the well-known myths and bad statistics.
Send me a link to these stories when they appear online, or in national media that I can access. I’ll post them on the DLJ blog, and contact the source with corrections whenever possible.

On October 1st, I’ll post the most frequently-repeated misinformation for everyone’s reference, along with the reasons why the statements are wrong.
Please use this e-mail to submit your information:
[email protected]

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