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TypePad close to launch

TypePad close to launch

TypePad, from Six Apart, creators of the popular MovableType blogging software is nearing completetion with increased media interest prior to launch.

TypePad promises to bring the power and performance of MovableType, the favoured blogging software of The Blog Herald, to the masses in an online, blogger-like paid service.

TypePad will offer many of the same features that Movable Type does, but eliminate the hurdles by allowing subscribers to update and publish their blogs on TypePad’s own servers. Subscribers will be able to use phones and other portable devices to send text and images straight to their blogs by e-mail.

Unlike Blogger, which offers free and paid options, TypePad will be for paid subscribers only. The basic level of service will cost about $7 USD a month. Higher levels will offer features like photo-album management.

Howard Rheingold, founding Executive Editor of HotWired, and vocal supporter of SixApart has reportadly stated “Movable Type is a marvelous tool for sophisticated users, and now TypePad will make the same power and community available to everyone as a weblog service that’s easy enough for anyone to sign up for, but lets even the most basic users participate not just in writing on a weblog, but in being a member of a networked community, creating semantically-rich content, and accessing web services.”

SixApart co-founder Mena G. Trott has this to say on their site:
“As weblogging and social software evolve, we want TypePad to remain ahead of the curve in adopting innovative technologies and making them seamlessly available for general use. For the majority of Web users?the people who are just now discovering weblogging?the power of personal publishing comes from the expression it allows. It’s important that we remove the technical barriers to entry.” Trott asserts that current Movable Type users will also benefit from the release of TypePad. “We’re already planning a number of ways that current Movable Type users will be able to interface with the system, and we’re deeply committed to both products.”

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The Blog Herald will watch with interest as TypePad is launched, and wishes the Trotts the best of luck. With Google now owning Blogger they take on one of the giants of the internet, and it will be interesting to see how Google/Blogger respond.

Duncan Riley
(c) The Blog Herald

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