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VideoEgg & Six Apart join to deliver video blogging to TypePad

VideoEgg & Six Apart join to deliver video blogging to TypePad

VideoEgg, Inc., have announced tie up that will see the integration its offering, The VideoEgg Publisher, into Six Apart TypePad service.

The VideoEgg Publisher is a Web-based video publishing technology that allows users to capture, encode, upload, and share online video.

Under the terms of the partnership, the VideoEgg Publisher will immediately be made available to all registered TypePad users free of charge.

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“Partnering with Six Apart makes The VideoEgg Publisher available to one of the largest blogging communities on the web, empowering thousands of users and broadening the appeal of video blogging,” said Kevin Sladek, co-founder of VideoEgg. “TypePad will provide links to a “Feature Preview” through which users can see how easy it is to use VideoEgg Publisher to create video posts for their blogs. Moving forward, we’ll be rolling out vlogging tools for several Six Apart products, and we look forward to a new wave of users discovering this next frontier in blogging.”

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