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Vocus Announces new Real-Time News Monitoring Service

Vocus Announces new Real-Time News Monitoring Service

Washington D.C company Vocus Inc., a software firm focusing on on-demand software for public relations and government relations, today announced the release of the latest version of Vocus News-On-Demand, a news monitoring service for PR professionals, that includes thousands of additional US news sources, broad international news, blogs, and complete access to the Wall Street Journal Online.

News-On-Demand is an annual subscription based internet service that is Vocus claims is extremely broad and comprehensive in coverage, with a total of 12,000 sources utilised from media through to blogs. What percentage of the 12,000 were blogs were not specified, but its atleast an improvement on some of its recent corporate competitors.

Despite being in a market filled with lots of free and paying competition, Rick Rudman, President and CEO of Vocus, Inc said that “Vocus News-On-Demand fills a gaping hole in the marketplace for a comprehensive and affordable news monitoring service”.

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