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Volvo to sponsor MSN Spaces: crash proof blogs?

Volvo to sponsor MSN Spaces: crash proof blogs?

Microsoft has announced it’s first U.S. advertising partner for its MSN Spaces blogging tool: Volvo Cars. Microsoft bills the advertising deal in its media release as follows: “The new campaign from Volvo taps into the storytelling power of the Internet in an entertaining manner that advertises the brand and also helps introduce consumers to new stories from the community.” (editors note: I have no idea what this means)

“Deeper brand integration into MSN Spaces will enable our advertisers to connect with their target audiences in more creative, spontaneous and unobtrusive ways,” said Joanne Bradford, vice president and chief media revenue officer for MSN. “Integrating great advertising
opportunities is core to our product development process, and as consumers connect through these new branded entertainment experiences in the MSN environment, the results for advertisers are higher brand awareness and favorability.”

(Ed: With languge like this it makes you wish they’d hire Scoble to write their media releases.)

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