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Im not sure I totally get this, so I’ll just run the media release as written…. launched this week, and already bloggers are signing up, working on their strategy to get voted rich. Some blogs are funny, while others are used as soap boxes to express how candidates feel about Halloween and Canada. One blogger has started a story and will post additional chapters if they are voted rich. Another has asked for help paying off their debt.

Visitors of register for free to create their own blog, and campaign for other bloggers’ attention and votes. Each month, or when what’s In The Bank reaches at least $1,000, voters will have a chance to first nominate their 10 favorite bloggers, and then vote for who should get the cash. The top 10% candidates of each voting round continue on until someone receives the majority of the community’s vote. What’s In The Bank is based on online advertising revenues.

Once a winner has received the majority vote, that winner will receive a check each week for one year, with a minimum of $500 per week. To keep receiving checks, the winner must blog about what they’ve done with their cash. Winners may not get voted rich while still receiving their weekly cash prize.

Once the polls close, all voting records will be made public, so anyone can search for possible election fraud. Registered voters must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid email address.

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