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Wanted: advice on setting up a Memeorandum style aggregator

Wanted: advice on setting up a Memeorandum style aggregator

A quick bleg: does anyone have any idea on how to set up a memeorandum or similar style aggregator? I’ve read somewhere in the past that they’ve used Nucleus, but I’ve also read you can do a similar thing with WordPress. I’m not looking at something super flash but I’m looking at putting together something that covers Australian blogs. I know Ben Barren is looking at a something Technorati-ish with Gnoos, but I’ll have a bit more time on my hands, I love new projects and challenges, I want to play a role in the Australian blogosphere, and I bought a great domain years ago I’ve always wanted to use for something like this:

Just reading at The Australian about a blog storm in Melbourne, cant say I’ve read any of the blogs involved, which sort of makes me feel sad, because I would have read thousands of their American equivalents over the years and I wouldn’t have had to wait to read about an American equivalent in the MSM.

It’s also vitally important that I spread the gospel of Caz at Australia’s great blog The Spin Starts Here. Unfortunately spamming Wikipedia is out of the question (it seems every time I write anything at Wikipedia they accuse me of spamming these days :-) ) so I have to find other means of promoting the site :-)

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