Washington Post launches ad program for bloggers

Who’€™d thought this would happen? Washington Post, of newspaper fame, just launched their Sponsored Blogroll service in beta. Basically it’€™s an ad network where Washington Post handles your ad sales and you sit back and relax. Heard it before? Yes you have.

The really interesting part, besides the fact that a major newspaper is doing this, is that the participating blogs will be pimped at the Washington Post homepage, in a nice little box there. This could very well be a nice kick for your traffic, don’€™t you agree?

Hopefully the Sponsored Blogroll will evolve a bit, here I agree with Steve Rubel about aggregating the blogs’€™ material on a page.

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Interesting news indeed. I can’€™t wait to here the reactions from blogs participating in the beta. Meanwhile, this is what developer Jeff Burkett thinks of “his” project.

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