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WaveMarket Introduces Location-Based Blogging System

WaveMarket Introduces Location-Based Blogging System

WaveMarket, a pioneer in location-based blogging, today introduced the first comprehensive location-based blogging system that enables users to broadcast and share location-time information from their cell phones with friends, affinity groups or the world. The new technology has implications for consumers, the enterprise and vertical organizations, according to Tasso Roumeliotis, WaveMarket founder and chief executive officer.

Speaking from the dais of DEMO2004, technology’s most prestigious product conference, Roumeliotis said, “WaveMarket extends recent, fast-emerging blogging technology into a wider circle. Any mobile handset user can now share information on anything — restaurants, safety warnings, missing children, truck tracking or buddy finder alerts. Through WaveMarket’s “master blog,” everyone becomes an instant broadcast journalist on location, and through our blog, WaveMarket becomes their distribution channel.”
At DEMO 2004 today, Roumeliotis demonstrated how the WaveIQ suite enabled a group of adult singles to improve a night on the town by posting and sharing visual and text postings on parties, celebrity sightings and traffic situations as they occurred, making the night more successful. He then walked through a series of enterprise and user applications showing how ultimately, any event recorded anywhere could be captured and broadcast by a simple process that starts with the new WaveMarket map interface on a subscriber’s mobile handset. “We do the enabling. Carriers are the distribution channel.
People create the applications,” he said.
WaveMarket’s patent-pending technology is positioned at a critical juncture between four points: blogging, time-location context, communications and community. “By enabling cell phones with our technology we make location-based blogging easy and instant for everyone,” Roumeliotis said.
“Wave Market’s enabling technology suite can fundamentally change who blogs — and where and why they blog,” said Chris Shipley, DEMO executive producer. By making blogging location-based and time sensitive, and using cell phones to mobilize posts, communications between affinity group members can be dramatically improved. WaveMarket is creating a new category — location-based
blogging — which is both relevant and powerful.”

WaveIQ consists of three software products, all now available:

— WaveSpotter — a cellular map interface that allows users move about,
letting users drill down to street level and post or consume blogs.
— WaveBlog — a company-hosted super blog serving as a multiple channel
informational clearinghouse engineered by uber blogger Russell
Beattie, WaveMarket director of blog engineering.
— WaveAlert — wireless operator infrastructure that allows users to be
notified whenever they enter or leave a designated area. The server
software powers a scalable system that reduces network loads and
hardware requirements.

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WaveMarket is the first location-based blogging company, a new subset of location-based services where the company sees significant financial opportunity. The company also announced that SK Telecom, Korea’s leading wireless carrier, has signed on to be the first to incorporate WaveMarket’s location alerting technology, with new services available next quarter (see related release).
Roumeliotis made clear his vision. “We enable a single screen archive to catalog an anywhere, any time visual history. Suppose 20 years from now, you want to see what happened here today, where the future of technology is being shaped. WaveMarket will have your photos and postings of what happened in this room at this time. WaveMarket can maintain a daily history of what happens anywhere — from this time forward. Events — big and small — state primaries, Middle Eastern conflicts, neighborhood improvement projects, family reunions or baby’s birthday can all be captured, broadcast, shared and archived. In short, WaveMarket enables you to see a visual history of the world, from today forward, written by the people of the world as it occurs.”
The company will market its suite of three software products to carriers in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

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