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Weblogs Inc looking for blogger for new podcasting blog

Weblogs Inc looking for blogger for new podcasting blog

Jason Calacanis’ Weblogs Inc is looking for a blogger to write a new blog being planned on Podcasting.

Interestingly he comments that the recent announcement that Podcasting support into Apple’s iTunes makes the market a who lot more appealing, and yet he still can’t build a business case (and if anyone is qualified to make a call like this its Calacanis):

Clearly the Steve Jobs announcement changes everything, and you know Microsoft is not going to let anyone add any feature without doing it better. So, 100% of the market is going to be podcast enable in 60 days’€¦. so, where is the business? I still don’€™t see it. Advertising in podcasts is going to be light compared to web-based advertising for sure. This might be a case of the long tail sucking the revenue out of the business and leaving everyone with scraps’€¦ which is fine, that just means no one should expect to quit their day job (something Dave Winer is probably thrilled with).

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