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Weblogs Inc announces two new blogs, The CSS Weblog and The Photoshop Weblog.

Weblogs Inc announces two new blogs, The CSS Weblog and The Photoshop Weblog.

Press release> Today Weblogs, Inc. , the largest publisher of professional blogs, announced the launch of their 58th and 59th Weblogs’€””The CSS Weblog” with James Jackson and “The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog” with Glenn Hauman.

Jason McCabe Calacanis, Weblogs, Inc. co-founder, says, “We’re thrilled to expand our web development and design category, especially with these two gurus who are working in this space 24×7.”

New CSS blogger, James Jackson, started programming at age 8 and is passionate about “Cascading Style Sheet” innovations. James has been working with CSS for four years, now, and it has become his main method of design. James feels that “Web pages aren’t just about giving people the information they want…it’s making sure they can access that information in the simplest and most elegant of ways.”

Weblogs, Inc. is honored to be welcoming Glenn Hauman, who has been called a “young Turk of publishing” by the New York Observer and a “Silicon Alley Veteran” by Crain’s New York Business. Hauman, a founder of BiblioBytes,, and, also enjoys writing for Star Trek and X-Men books, challenging unconstitutional laws in court, and banging his head into chandeliers.

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In addition to Jackson and Hauman, Judith Meskill, Editorial Director, is delighted to add the following new bloggers to the Weblogs, Inc. team: Edward Ho (; Elizabeth Hoyt (; Stephen Hill (; Steve Parsons (; and Walter J Keegan Jr. (

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