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WhatCounts Introduces BlogUnit

WhatCounts Introduces BlogUnit

WhatCounts has announced the launch of the BlogUnit Series, the first technology appliance specifically designed to help corporations address and manage the growing need for corporate communications through blogs

The company introduced the series by demonstrating BlogUnit 1.0 at DEMO@15!, and plans to begin shipping units to its first customers on March 1.

“Blogging offers corporations a new way to keep their various constituencies up-to-date on important developments or trends, to provide a practical and easy way to share knowledge, to get valuable feedback and to engage readers with one another,” said David Geller, president and chief executive officer of WhatCounts.

A number of solutions currently address the blogging needs of individuals and small businesses, Geller said. But corporations, which eventually may have hundreds of company-related blogs, have much different and more complex requirements for these initiatives.

“As corporations embrace blogging as part of their communications and work-collaboration strategies, they may have to manage and oversee hundreds of company-related blogs,” Geller said. “They will have to monitor and maintain content, manage integration, maintain security standards, and facilitate collaboration across blogs. It has the potential to be very expensive and labor-intensive.

“The BlogUnit Series anticipates those needs and provides a powerful, scalable, ready-to-use platform that makes this next stage in e-communication practical.”

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BlogUnit provides a cost-effective, rack-ready appliance that is tuned to network security requirements and can be up-and-running in 15 minutes. Corporate bloggers find an easy-to-use and fully-featured platform to author, manage, measure, deliver, and syndicate this powerful new form of communication, Geller said.

“Blogging is a growing reality for corporations worldwide as they look for ways to improve communications with their key audiences — customers, employees, vendors and the like,” Geller said. “But there are a myriad of issues, such as accountability, accuracy and security that corporations have to address as they get into this new territory.”

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