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Why You Should Outsource Your Company’s Technical Needs

Why You Should Outsource Your Company’s Technical Needs

Tech SupportThe saying “life’s short” couldn’t be more true when it comes to technical troubleshooting. If you’re like me and you spend hours of your day fighting with email, web hosting, remote file hosting, and more.

A few months ago I made the decision to outsource my technical moments and I did so by allowing fully managed services to handle my businesses technical details.

In my path towards freeing myself from technical hiccups I broke up my outsources technical help.


If you’re like me and you loathe SSH commands a fully managed server setup might be the way to go. I chose to use a fully managed WordPress hosting company because all of my websites run on WordPress. Using my new host they take care of WordPress updates, security patch fixes, server upgrades, nightly backups and pretty much everything else. No longer do I spent hours on server hardening and attempting to find WordPress code mistakes and memory leaks caused by junky plugins.

If you hate command line code and you want to free yourself from a lot of stress and headaches I recommend a fully managed support system.


There are a lot of capable remote access programs on the market but I constantly find myself troubleshooting issues for my employees. After a while I realized that I wasn’t up-to-date on security protocols, newer and better technologies and more. I hired a company with a focus on email and remote access services to handle my company’s encryption keys and other data.

There are even companies like, which have more robust systems for things like customer service data and logistics.

If you use various pieces of technology such as a Windows computer at home, a Mac at work, and an Android device for mobile on the go you might find it easier to allow an outside agency to handle syncing your devices. If you have employees and you don’t want to answer a billion questions this type of outsourcing makes sense.

IT business support can be surprisingly inexpensive, especially if you take into consideration all of the hours you’ll save by having someone else handle technical headaches on your behalf.


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I work in front of my computers for 12-16 hours a day and that means I run into a lot of issues. I can renew my IP address, format my hard drives, even troubleshoot some mid-level issues. With that being said I no longer allow PC and Mac issues to escalate. For a small monthly fee I was able to hire a tech company that provides 24/7 computer support. If something seems off I now call my “computer guy” immediately.

My desktop support choice included the ability to allow for remote updates by a technical expert. Not only do I have someone to fix my PC issues as they occur, I have someone who pro-actively makes sure my system is up-to-date.

Just running diagnostic checks and periodic reviews of my system was enough for me to be happy.

Important Note: I encrypt all important data files on a secure drive to keep those files away from prying eyes. I setup an update schedule with the tech firm I use so my system is only open to a technician at certain times.


I use to spend 10-15 hours a week managing my company’s server, troubleshooting my email server wouldn’t connect with my Android phone and worrying about if and when my next desktop crash would occur. These days I pay a small fee just to ignore the very technical aspects of my company that use to drive me insane.

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