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Yes to CNET boycott

Yes to CNET boycott

Duncan Riley> Jason Calacanis is looking for feedback in regards to the call by some to boycott CNET, who has regularly stolen content and scoops from blogs without giving credit.

Personally, I agree with the call, and if the boycott starts, I’ll be urging others to join.

Why? well like many bloggers I’m sick and tired of scoops and other stories being stolen from blogs by big media. It not only happens occasionally, it happens all the time. As a meta-blogger I monitor most of the big media sites on blogging related stories, and there has been one regular site that has the ability to run stories, without credit, from a number of blogs including the Blog Herald. I’m not prepared to name names yet because the chap may know no better, but at the end of the day he’s getting paid big bucks as a reporter and is doing nothing more than stealing from other. If he doesn’t get the message I will eventually name him, and I’ll have the evidence as well.

But back to CNET. I’ve got no personal proof of stories from the Blog Herald being run there (there was one or two occasions which raised an eyebrow), but I can sympathise with the others who have. If the blogosphere can bring down television anchors and politicians, then certainly it can bring a tech news network to task for its grubby tactics.

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So I say, bring it on. CNET needs to learn a lesson, and other big media sites needs to understand that the blogosphere will not be messed with.

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