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You Need to Know These Google Algorithm Changes

You Need to Know These Google Algorithm Changes

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Google Algorithm Changes

Google’s algorithm updates have always been a topic of interest and discussion among website owners, SEO professionals, and digital marketers. These updates can have a significant impact on search engine rankings and website traffic. In August 2023, Google rolled out its latest core update, causing fluctuations and volatility in search results. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Google August 2023 Core Update and explore its effects on websites and online businesses.

Unveiling the August 2023 Core Update

The August 2023 Core Update was released by Google on August 22nd, followed by noticeable volatility starting from August 25th. While the initial impact seemed moderate, the update gained momentum over the following days, causing fluctuations in search rankings. However, unlike some previous updates, this particular release did not seem to affect as many websites as anticipated.

Analyzing the Impact with Charts

Prominent SEO analyst Glenn Gabe shared some insightful charts that demonstrate the impact of the August 2023 Core Update on specific websites. Although we cannot share the actual sites, the charts reveal significant volatility and fluctuations in search visibility.

Glenn Gabe’s example shows a surge in search visibility for a reviews site after experiencing a drop in the previous update. This volatility indicates the ongoing changes in Google’s algorithm and its impact on different types of websites.

Tracking Tools and Volatility Analysis

To further understand the fluctuations caused by the August 2023 Core Update, several tracking tools monitored the changes in search rankings. Let’s take a look at some of the data provided by these tools:


Semrush Volatility Chart


SERPmetrics Volatility Chart

Advanced Web Rankings:

Advanced Web Rankings Volatility Chart


Accuranker Volatility Chart


Mozcast Volatility Chart

Cognitive SEO:

Cognitive SEO Volatility Chart


Algoroo Volatility Chart


RankRanger Volatility Chart


SERPstat Volatility Chart


Wincher Volatility Chart


SERPwoo Volatility Chart

These charts provide a visual representation of the search volatility observed during the August 2023 Core Update. The data from these tools confirms the fluctuations experienced by websites and the ongoing changes in search rankings.


Google’s August 2023 Core Update has caused noticeable volatility in search results, impacting the visibility and rankings of various websites. User feedback, SEO chatter, and tracking tools all point towards significant fluctuations in traffic and search visibility. While some websites experienced positive changes, others reported a decline in performance.

As website owners and SEO professionals, it is crucial to stay informed about these algorithm updates and adapt strategies accordingly. Monitoring rankings, analyzing user feedback, and following industry discussions can help navigate through the fluctuations caused by Google’s core updates. By staying proactive and making necessary adjustments, online businesses can maintain their visibility and strive for long-term success in the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization.

Remember to keep a close eye on your website’s performance and make data-driven decisions to ensure your online presence aligns with the latest algorithm updates. With a proactive approach and continuous optimization, you can stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the dynamic landscape of search engine rankings.

See first source: Search Engine Roundtable


1. What is the Google August 2023 Core Update?

The Google August 2023 Core Update is the latest update to Google’s search algorithm, which was released on August 22nd, 2023, leading to volatility in search results.

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2. When was the update released?

The update was rolled out on August 22nd, with notable fluctuations starting from August 25th.

3. How significant was the impact of this update?

While the initial impact of the update was moderate, it gained momentum in the subsequent days causing fluctuations in search rankings. However, not as many websites were affected as in some previous updates.

4. Did the update affect all websites?

No, not all websites were affected. The impact varied, with some experiencing positive changes in search visibility while others reported a decline.

5. How can one visualize the impact of the August 2023 Core Update?

Prominent SEO analyst Glenn Gabe and several tracking tools like Semrush, SERPmetrics, Mozcast, and others provided charts and data, representing the volatility and changes in search visibility caused by the update.

6. What do the tracking tools show regarding the update?

Various tracking tools monitored search rankings during the August 2023 Core Update, revealing fluctuations in search visibility for different websites. This data confirms the ongoing changes in Google’s algorithm and its subsequent impact.

7. How should website owners and SEO professionals respond to this update?

It’s essential for them to stay informed about these updates, monitor rankings, analyze user feedback, and adjust their strategies accordingly. By doing so, they can navigate through the fluctuations and ensure their websites remain optimized.

8. Why is it crucial to be proactive in response to Google’s core updates?

Being proactive and continuously optimizing in line with Google’s updates ensures that online businesses can maintain visibility, stay ahead of the competition, and succeed in the dynamic search engine landscape.

9. Are there more core updates expected in the future?

Google frequently updates its algorithms, so it’s reasonable to expect more core updates in the future. It’s always recommended for businesses to stay updated with Google’s announcements and industry discussions.

10. What should businesses remember moving forward?

Businesses should keep a close eye on their website’s performance, stay updated on industry news, and make data-driven decisions to align with the latest algorithm changes, ensuring they remain competitive in search engine rankings.

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