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Level Up Your Skills With These 14 Free Writing Workshops Online

Level Up Your Skills With These 14 Free Writing Workshops Online

If you are an aspiring writer, blogger, or content creator and you feel like you are being left behind by your peers, try out free writing workshops online. This is the best way to improve your skills not just as a writer but also as a publisher, or an editor. Or if you are just feeling like you are in a rut, joining free writing workshops online is a great way to stimulate your creativity.

Here are some of the best free writing workshops available online:

Free Writing Workshops Online From Eventbrite

Rewild Your Creativity

It tackles not only writing but all other aspects of creativity and expressions of art. It is a great workshop to join if you are feeling down in the dumps and feeling in a writing rut.

Writer’s Corner

An online workshop that allows young, aspiring writers to share their worst with published authors and professional writers. The experience is completely free and it is a weekly event. Sadly, there is an age limit to this workshop and could only be attended by young writers between the ages of 11 and 24.

Women’s Writing Workshop

Also known as the Quotes for Women workshop, it is an online workshop inviting women to share quotes they love and feel represent their current ideas which are written by other women. Then, the participants are to write their own creative ‘quotes’ to share with the world.

Publishing: a Panel Discussion and Book Club

If you are in the industry and want to try out publishing, then this is a good two-part workshop join.

Writing Courses From Udemy

Secret Sauce of Great Writing

How do create a ‘sparkle’ in our writing? In other words, how do we create written work that entices people to read it? Just like discussing a recipe, this tutorial shows the different ‘ingredients’ needed for great writing. It also promises to teach skills that will help writers write prose that stands out in the industry.

Mini tutorial: Word choice

If you have very little time to sit and do lengthy, long-term lessons, Udemy offers ‘bite-sized’ tutorials that range between 5 to 10 minutes of tips and tricks. The Mini-Tutorial: Word Choice is one of them. It is a five-minute video that expounds on the right choice of words to set the mood and tone of an essay, an article, or a paper.

Udemy has many other mini-tutorials, as well. Here are some of them:

Essentials of Writing Content

Made up of five lectures totaling one hour, this lesson is one of the best to join for brushing up on basics. The lesson will give a checklist of important skillsets for writing. This is great for anyone who is on the fence about taking up writing as a career. Or, if you simply need to learn tips on how to become an effective writer, this may be a good lesson to touch upon.

How to Make a Living Writing Articles

Let’s face it, a lot of people write for fun, but the bottom line is it is a big bonus to earn something from writing. Especially now that content creation is already considered a booming career, why not learn how to monetize your writing skills? This lesson is made up of 45 lectures and totals to about two hours. It teaches how to write for websites, how to increase blog traffic, and how to manage payments.

On Writing

A 20-minute online class that is sure to revive your creativity and spark for writing.

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Writing Courses From Coursera

Creative Writing Specialization

If creative writing is your jam, then this writing course is the best for you. It covers the most important creative writing genres including narrative essay, memoir, and short story writing. It teaches how to build an enticing, well-written, and memorable story.

See Also

Writing Your First Novel

Trying to challenge yourself and take it up a notch? Try taking this writing course that teaches you how to write your first novel. Writing a novel is an overwhelming job, it needs consistency, hard work, and never-ending passion. This course helps you explore how to get there.

Grammar and Punctuation

You can have a knack for writing even with poor grammar and punctuation. But of course, grammar and punctuation are the basics. To become an effective writer, you need to LEARN THE BASICS.

Good With Words: Writing and Editing Specialization

Let’s face it, you may be a good writer but you can know nothing about editing. Both are keys to a good writing career. How do we make all the fancy words reader-friendly? How can we keep this lengthy sentence into a short and concise, but eye-catching statement? In case you are in peer review, or you lead a team, how do you give AND RECEIVE feedback? An effective writing career is not just about writing, it is about building teams, meeting deadlines, and more.

Transmedia Story Telling

With the advent of technology, written work can be presented in varying media. This is why, as a writer, you also need to learn how to maximize all these platforms and learn how to effectively share written work.

Other well-known workshops

Gotham Writers

This website offers multiple workshops such as:

  • 10-week workshop on Fiction Writing
  • 10-Week workshop on Screenwriting
  • 10-week workshop on Feature Article Writing
  • 6-week class on Creative Writing 101
  • 4-week seminar on Publishing Shorts

All videos and tutorials are available on YouTube which allows for self-guided study.

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