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There are Sites that Pay You to Blog, Here are Some of Them (Great for Beginners)

There are Sites that Pay You to Blog, Here are Some of Them (Great for Beginners)

Are you planning to create your own blog but a bit worried about “the works” in producing content? Are you an existing blogger but are looking for ways to earn an extra source of funds? If yes, there are a lot of resources on the internet available for you. Remember, building a blog and sustaining it with continuous content is overwhelming. The best way to test the waters is by writing for other blogs. The best part about this, apart from learning how to create your own blog posts is that these websites PAY YOU to create blog posts for them. A win-win opportunity you surely cannot miss. 

Numerous websites on the internet would pay you to blog. Find your niche, do a bit of research, and start sending in your sample works. 

Tech blogs

Site Point

Try applying to site point on this link.

Digital Ocean

Find more info here.

Travel Blogs

Great Escape Publishing

Their writer’s guidelines are on their website.

Transitions abroad

Check out application procedures here.


Here’s how you can be a contributor to Wanderful.

Finance Blogs

The Penny Hoarder

Income Diary

Get paid to write for this website.

Review Blogs


Get paid to write for Apperwall here.

Blogging, Writing, WordPress

Funds for Writers

You can submit your sample works on the website.

Hire Writers

Get job opportunities from their website.

Women on Writing

Get paid writing freelance.

Online Writing Jobs

List Verse

Submit your list on the website.


You can apply as a writer for Hongkiat here.

General Niche Blogs


Apply as a freelance writer for Dot Dash.

See Also
Start A Blog

Apply to write for their website

Short Stories, Poetry


Submit a story here.


Become a member, and become a writer for Penpee.

How do you get a paid blogging job?

Finding a website that pays you to blog is easy, but looking for the blog that fits you best may prove to be challenging. Here are some tips on how to find the best website that fits you:

Write your sample works

Sample works, and experience, is the first thing that blog moderators look for in contributing writers. Established writers and bloggers usually have a digital portfolio to present. If you have a niche or topic you enjoy, but don’t have sample works for these, the best thing to do is to write one. It will also be helpful to showcase previous works to establish your experience. If you have previously published works, say from school or from your own social media platforms, it might be great to showcase these. A couple of your best works, together with your resume and your cover letter, maybe enough to fill in your initial portfolio.  

Bring forward your working schedule

This little tip is so easy to forget, establishing a work schedule. If you have a blog of your own, you will usually have a content map, a timeline, or a calendar of when to post which topics. If you are writing for somebody else’s blog, it would be great if you know what they require from you. Are you expected to work full-time, every day? Are you doing this freelance, with flexible working hours? Clear communication between you and the blog moderator is key to success. 

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