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Content Monetization Tools to Maximize your Blog’s Profit

Content Monetization Tools to Maximize your Blog’s Profit

Content monetization tools are essential for maximizing a blog’s potential for profit. Monetizing content gives opportunities for content creators to build their blogs, not only as a hobby but, potentially as a financially productive platform. Not only that, monetization will ensure that content creators have some financial stability to create more – which is the end goal for every website.  Keeping up a blog or website live has its costs – from purchasing a domain name, monthly premiums for web hosting, investments in security, to web design and updates. There are costs in building and maintaining a website. It is only right that a blog produces enough to maintain it, pay for creatives, and then some.

Let’s face it, a blog may be a passionate hobby for many. But at the end of the day, it is still a business. So, here are some of the best website monetization platforms available for bloggers and their websites:

Website Monetization Platforms

Google Adsense

This is one of the best monetization platforms on the internet and it is done just by hosting ads on your blog. As the owner of the blog, you may select the location of the ad of your liking. You may even choose which ads to host, for how long, and where you want them to appear. There are strategies on website ad placement that are sure to gain more views and clicks. Google offers up their services for content creators free of charge as long as they meet the necessary requirements. Google pays content creators a premium (or a share) of the ad revenues for every 1,000 clicks or views.

Audience Play

The main selling point of Audience Play is the idea that bloggers can generate ‘alternate revenue’ after users leave your website. They do this proudly by data segmentation. Data segmentation can create more accurate and effective targeting techniques which can help match content with users more efficiently. Services are currently offered for free. However, registration is a major requirement.


Branded as an internet discovery platform, this platform uses targeted advertising based on search behaviors and interests of its users. A blogger may sign up for a Taboola account for as low as $10 per day so the platform can feature your content to their audiences. It may sound expensive, but the returns may be impressive. The cost per click varies regularly, but previous rates average between $0.15 to $0.30 for every click.


This is an advertising company that can advertise your content for you. Not only that, but you can also be a partner and use your website to place ads for them. It’s a win-win situation. Many bloggers say that this is one of the most viable alternatives for Google Adsense. Among the main features of this is the provision of 24/7 customer service for all their clients. They also offer lifetime revenue shares for their referral program.


This website is very similar to Taboola where the platform matches readers to content based on their search behaviors and interests. Big-names such as CNN and Rumble use Outbrain for their content. The website offers its services for a minimum of $10 per day. Returns or Cost per Click average at about $0.10 to $1.5 per click.

CJ Affiliate

An affiliate marketing company, the website is known to publish and promote websites and content. There are no daily fees, but there are commissions for every sale or promotion. This website is hailed to be best for beginners.

Oasis by Source Forge

An open-source ad server, this platform helps in not only publishing but marketing any online advertising component. There are no monthly fees, unlike other ad servers. It is highly customizable and even allows users to run their own servers. It may be a bit difficult to set up. However, it will be smooth sailing once it is up and running.

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Microsoft pubCenter


This is a great testing tool for anyone planning to publish ads on their websites. The platform tells publishers how ads (with varied sizes and locations) perform well on a website, by testing it in auto-pilot mode. Just set it, and forget it then AdPushup will be publishing reports for you.

Social Media Monetization Platforms

Facebook for Creators

For bloggers whose content is focused on social media, particularly Facebook, this is one of the best tools available. It offers a holistic service for not only content monetization but branding in general. The studio helps content creators build a foundation for their brands, create content, and market them through Facebook.

Facebook Audience Network

Think of it as an extension of Facebook. What the company is selling would be advertising beyond the social media platform. It helps in managing a website (or Facebook page) where monetizing it just becomes a bonus. Minimum payouts are about $100 each month. If your page fails to earn that, earnings will be added to the revenue for the following month. There is no need for invoices, payments are made automatically by the website.

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