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Ccube launches first over-the-phone social network

Ccube launches first over-the-phone social network

Ccube announced the launch of its over-the-phone social network that lets members search for and talk to anyone safely. The service lets users link a Ccube username to their favorite connectivity device, including mobile and landline phones or VoIP services, thereby keeping personal phone numbers private. Ccube lets you connect with friends and business prospects on sites like MySpace, LiveJournal and eBay with the click of a button. Ccube helps members connect with likeminded people on the phone while maintaining both parties’ anonymity, encouraging members to discover and converse with new friends with confidence and ease.

“Unlike most Web-based social network sites, Ccube believes that people still like to make connections by picking up the phone and hearing a member’s voice,” said Mahesh Lalwani, CEO of Ccube. “However, up until now it has been difficult for people to feel comfortable sharing their phone number with someone they just met. Ccube has blended the functionality of online social networks with the convenience of one-to-one voice communication. It’s a safe and private way to ask someone a question on a topic of expertise, locate others with similar hobbies, or search for and meet new friends.”

It’s easy to get started with Ccube. New members can visit to create a user account, record a voice profile and upload a photo. After signing up for Ccube’s service, simply enter a combination of preferences and search criteria to help identify members with similar interests. As part of the connection process, Ccube allows you to listen to brief recorded profiles of matching members. By hearing their voice profile first, users can get a better feeling about that person before deciding to make contact.

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