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Dabble indexes 10 million videos, a no joke feat

Dabble indexes 10 million videos, a no joke feat, a hub for finding, sharing and organizing rich media from anywhere on the web, announced that it has indexed more than 10 million videos since coming out of private beta eight months ago.

Dabble’s index of over 10 million videos (now growing at 2.5 million new videos a month) means users only have to visit one destination to search for video and other rich media. Dabble doesn’t directly host any media; the search engine keeps track of the bookmarks, or links, to wherever the media is stored on the web along with all the rest of the essential details about the media. Dabble users add to this details and notes, correct mistakes and share what’s valuable to them about the media. This “team effort” enhances the details surrounding the Web’s video inventory and lets Dabble know why a video is valuable, enabling the Dabble engine to return exceptionally accurate search results.

“Dabble was created to be the destination location for finding rich media no matter where it resides on the Web,” said Mary Hodder, Dabble’s founder. “Before we launched, people who wanted to search for videos had to visit each of the host sites individually and query those databases, which is a very tedious way to find information on the Web. Dabble’s reach, which we continue to expand, goes deeper into the Web’s total inventory of rich media to include videos at all kinds of sites, both traditional and “user programmed” so people can find anything that interests them, not just the ‘most popular.’ We’re amazed at how much video is put online. It’s a testament to how important video on the web has become as a new medium, and our users’ ability to arrange all this content through our playlists speaks to how much they enjoy the ability to control what and when they want to see their own video programming.”

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