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Nose trumpeting blogger finds fame on web and TV

Nose trumpeting blogger finds fame on web and TV

Mark Goodwin, a British musician and piano salesman, has found fame across the web and on terrestrial TV thanks to his unique brand of music-making.

According to the Oldham Advertiser:

Mark Goodwin recorded a song in his bedroom using his hands, mouth and nose and then posted it online on his own internet blog.

Within a few weeks the 27-year-old was astonished to be contacted by a television producer who wanted to screen it on a new Channel 4 show.

And that was just the start, as Mark has since gone on to make three TV appearances inside a week.

Mark holds a music degree from Leeds University but he certainly didn’t play his home-made instrument during his time there. “There wasn’t a lot of time to play the nose trumpet on the classical music course I did, but I kept it up in my spare time and learned how to hold a tune eventually,” he said.

Mark’s video was viewed on YouTube over 2500 times in 12 hours.

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It’s proof that if you’re creative, resourceful, a bit tech savvy, and have a smidgeon of luck, you can rise from obscurity and receive your fifteen minutes of fame, starting on the Net and maybe moving on to traditional media.

Well done Mark!

Mark’s blog chronicles the adventure:

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