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The Onion News Network launched

The Onion News Network launched

The Onion today launched The Onion News Network onlinewhich will provide online viewers with the most up-to-date video news reports and excerpts from Onion News Network programs every Tuesday.

“We’ve been waiting for technology to catch up with our advanced vision for the future of news,” said Onion President, Sean Mills. “That day has finally come.

“We discovered there are occasionally times in our viewers’ lives when they are forced to be away from a television,” Editor-In-Chief Scott Dikkers said. “The Onion News Network will fill these gaps of news access with a seriousness and integrity missing from news today.”

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I like The Onion in print, and watching what they have now gives me the impression that I will like their videos more. Their news delivery is so believable that you would think that it’s the mainstream media that’s acting like The Onion.

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