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10 Inspiring Home Improvement Blogs

10 Inspiring Home Improvement Blogs

When you’re a freelancer or a blogger, your home is your office. As such, you would want to have the best workspace available since where you work can dictate how productive or inspired you are. Just as you improve your office or at least tidy it up, you can also do the same with your home and easily with the help of these home improvement blogs.

Apart from the usual spring cleaning you do after a long marathon of crunch times and reaching deadlines where you eventually neglect all the food plates on your desk and you now have house fly co-workers, it also doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of renovation. The more comfortable you are with your home, the better.

That’s why we’ve prepared this home improvement blogs list for you. This way, you can craft the most suitable home office for your line of work. From dividing your bedroom and workspace to even installing a new home elevator, these home improvement blogs will surely aid you.

The Home Depot Blog

If you need ideas or instructions into fixing many aspects of your home, then you’ll find not many home improvement blogs can match The Home Depot Blog. It’s a complete and elegant catalog of many DIY house plans for improvement, renovation, and expansions.

Home Improvement Blogs

The website can even give you whole sections dedicated to seasonal styles or categorized by rooms or room types in case you only have small projects in mind. Even simple things like redecorating your closet or even updating the bathroom lighting are covered in The Home Depot Blog. Of course, the blog also covers clearing up messy spaces, like home offices.

Designer Trapped

Now, for a more personal blog experience and DIY instructions, you can turn to Designer Trapped. It’s a blog run by Tasha, a North Carolina mom and her husband who admitted that the only way they could renovate their house was through DIY methods due to many constraints. Even so, these guys know their craft well enough.

Home Improvement Blogs

They have been featured in magazines and TV shows thanks to Tasha’s quirky design choices. Her colorful selection of aesthetics and room makeover ideas will surely bring joy and life into your home or at least its rooms. She guarantees that she has something to offer for your home regardless of your budget.

Young House Love

Another personal DIY house improvement blog you can subscribe to would be Young House Love. Like Designer Trapped, Young House Love is run by a young couple; they made it their passion to design real estate interiors. Hence, their content can instruct you on putting up proper wallpapers to cutting down unnecessary furniture or appliances.

Home Improvement Blogs

They’re also veterans in their field and have completed over 3,000 DIY projects across all their five houses. These improvements are also well-documented; you can certainly take your cues from them and even listen to their podcasts about home renovations.

Centsationl Style

A few ideas about a beautiful home can go a long way. Californian Kate Riley has proven this many times over with her blog, Centsational Style. She not only dabbles in interior home improvements but also in customizing your own furniture to suit your needs.

Home Improvement Blogs

In that regard, you can check out some of her concepts and galleries for improving desks or storage spaces for a better workspace. Kate Riley also knows a lot about garden design; she can share her knowledge to you in case you want a nice green place to tend to. Especially, after a long and stressful day cooped up in the home office.

One Project Closer

One Project Closer is all about stepping up your DIY dad (or uncle) game. It’s a blog run primarily by a husband and wife team but focuses more on the husband work, meaning they also cover some power tool usage and heavy lifting.

In that regard, you can turn to this blog for some heavy tasks involving home renovation. They even review and endorse some tools for construction and carpentry.

Improvements Catalog

The thing about home renovations is that you can’t actually do it without furniture or appliance. Hence, one of the most immediate things you should look for before starting your own DIY project or room renovation is a supplier. HSN’s home improvements catalog is a great place to start with.

Home Improvement Blogs

There, you’ll find no shortage of furniture and appliances to purchase, some of which are even on clearance sale. That means you’ll get some pretty good deals and beautiful house decorations without spending much. Looking at some of them, you can even think of your own ideas for home or room renovations. They fit in well with most interiors.


Remodelaholic is run by blogger Cassity. She has a husband and two daughters and is all about turning a house into a home fit for a family and their pets. She not only shares her interior design secrets and expertise but also some of her recipes for great desserts and food.

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Home Improvement Blogs

Both Cassity and her husband have already worked on several houses successfully. Her topics range from the simple such as spice rack designs to indoor playhouses for the kids so you have a place to detain them in while you work on your freelancing projects. Some of them also come in video format for more hands-on instructions.

DIY Doctor

The DIY Doctor takes a more technical approach to DIY house renovations but nevertheless should provide you with some straightforward and quick insights into house projects. It covers a wide range of topics from electrical layouts of your house to even cleaning.

Moreover, the blog also publishes reviews of products and tools from time to time; so you know which to avoid or utilize in your quest for a better and more livable home. If you’re new to all of this, you can even ask them some questions personally and they’ll answer expertly.

Houseance Blog

Houseance Blog straightforward blog that gives simple yet valuable advice on both maintaining homes and even improving them. From plumbing issues to design philosophies for your house of rooms, Houseance Blog will surely deliver.

They also have a great team of experts in case you want personal advice. Moreover, some of their recommendations include energy-saving options for your home and not just with interior design.

Reddit – Improving Homes

If you’re really new and have no idea where to start, asking questions is always a good first step. For that, you can join one of the biggest forums on the internet, specifically Reddit and its home improvements subreddit. There, you can post your query and get some answers from the people who have experience with the same thing.

You’ll find many people eager to help and need not worry since this subreddit is a lot less toxic than others. You can even check some of the most common DIY questions and projects to get ideas or experienced opinion.

Whichever blog you pick, all of them should help you have a much better home.

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