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100 blogs in 100 days, day 2: Yuna’s Village – A Slice Of The Daily Life

100 blogs in 100 days, day 2: Yuna’s Village – A Slice Of The Daily Life

Day 2 of 100 Blogs in 100 days comes from Christine Zheng.
Blog: Yuna’€™s Village ‘€“ A Slice Of The Daily Life
About: “What’€™s so fun about this site:
– It’s a site that captures the little things in life that are fun, inspiring, positive, or just plain stupid and funny.
– it’€™s a breakroom for everybody to get a few laughs everyday
– A place for all of us to share a few thoughts about living our lives
– A stress relief chamber ‘€“ that’€™s ‘€œwhat bitching about stuff’€? is for
– Everybody is invited to be an author.”

So drop by and check out Yuna’€™s Village ‘€“ A Slice Of The Daily Life and leave your comments here for Christine.

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  • Great blog, Christine! I have read some of it early today, so I got a head start on reading it :) Your posts are great and refreshing to read as it helps me zone away from the exhausting world of work and college.

    By the way, some of those photos in the Photo Blog has made my night, er.. day, rather. Great job and keep it up!

  • I remember this blog, I had visited a few times already to check its blogging-related articles. A great read, I must say :)

  • Unfortunately, just now the server is unable to handle the incoming traffic I guess: “Error establishing a database connection.”

  • YEAH!!! My site was crashed!!! Ever wonder why a blogger wants his/her site to crash one day? Ask Duncan…. ;-)

    Anyway, thanks to Duncan for featuring my site! It’s a great honor to be here… Thanks to all of you for stopping by and your kind words … I am glad you are able to find some “goodies” on the site…

  • Yuna’s sight was one of the first I found on the web. It is exactly as she describes it “a breakroom for everybody to get a few laughs everyday. “Congratulations Yuna!” YEA!

  • Oh uh.. my head is as big as King Kong’s now… ;-) Besides the fun part, blogging is a pretty hard work… I don’t even want to know how much time Brian puts into his Solution Watch blog by doing all the diggings and writings.. But moments like this is really worth all the work — the moments to share a few laughs and a few encouraging words… So, thank you and thank you for all the kind words… Let’s blog on!

  • Haha, thanks Yuna. I know exactly what you mean with the the fun parts of blogging and then the hard work parts. I end up putting at least 2 hours every day just looking for solutions to write about and this is usually around midnight as I am a full time college student and practically work full time (Web Programmer). It is worth it in the long run though. Thanks for the thought!

    Anyways, keep up the great work. You last post gave me a good giggle :)

  • What a nice blog ! Yeah, your last post(your Brew Ha-Ha List) is so so interesting to read. Nicely written blog, great stuff!

  • It’s a great first day.. thanks to Duncan and all the support from you guys again.

    Just a few thoughts here… I also got heavy hits from when I posted a large amount of links there at one point… And my traffic was increased by more than 400% on that day. However, the difference is that the people from read only one post and then leave so I didn’t really gained a lot of real readership through’s “get rich quick” method…

    But after being up on Blog Herald for just 23 hours and 30 mins, I can see a significant amount of new readers who will potentially become my regulars. People click on far more pages. So my feel is that getting the blog site featured on a big boy’s site like Duncan’s is far more helpful than getting just one post featured somewhere. My 2 cents.. ;-)

    Let’s blog on!

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