19.4 million South Koreans have blogged: survey

A survey from the South Korean Government’s Ministry of Information and Communication has found that 4 out of 10 South Koreans have blogged and 1 in 10 South Koreans currently host their own blog.

The figures, which equate to approximately 19.4 million South Korean’s having blogged and 4.85 million South Koreans hosting their own blog, concur with with the Blog Herald Blog Count for July that suggested that there was at least 15 million blogs in South Korea and a subsequent report later in July that suggested there were around 20 million blogs in the country.

The survey also found that there are 32.57 million South Korean Internet users — 71.9 percent of the total population, with higher rates of usage amongst younger people, 97.3 percent of those between the ages of 6 and 19 using the Internet, 97.2 percent of those in their 20s, 89.8 percent of those in their 30s, 67.2 percent of those in their 40s and 34.7 percent in their 50s.

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